A few “tidbits” about me:

I am the owner and creator of Kinder Keepsakes, LLC, which is an online baby boutique. What started out as a little Etsy shop has grown into mass production of my products overseas. I have been in the industry for years now and I have learned a lot through my experiences. This has allowed me to sell my products online to customers and in boutiques all across the nation!

I am also is the owner of Team GBY which is a service business. Team GBY is the one-stop-shop for all your virtual needs, at a very affordable price. I work with clients with all kinds of businesses. Product based or serviced based. I realized with my Kinder Keepsakes business that in order to grow the way I needed, I had to get help. Once she realized what a blessing building a team was in my first business I  wanted to share that blessing with others….and Team GBY was born.

I am also a mom of 4– growing my businesses while growing my family at the same time . I am here to help you learn how to grow your business beyond your team-of-1 and get the customers, clients and sales you want, while also enjoying your family and your life!

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