Five Health Tips for Busy Moms Like You

Ever since I became a mom, I started to be increasingly proud of myself and my achievements as a caregiver and homemaker. You already know them—being the best mother and wife to your family and keeping your home in tip top shape while often, as I say, making the impossible possible.

However, to be honest, there’s one little thing that I’m not proud of and that’s not paying enough attention to myself.

When you’re extremely busy putting others first, it’s easy for us parents to overlook our own needs. It’s a real shame, considering we first obviously need to be healthy and capable of getting up and about in order to be of service to others.

We already know that a healthier mom is a happier mom, but perhaps we simply don’t run out of justifications for why we have “no time” for exercise. With so much stuff to do at home, for your family and for your online business, wellness seems out of reach. Isn’t it sad?

I have sworn to take better care of myself the past few years and, let me tell you, my new promise to myself has benefited even my family. I’m happier, more energetic and confident that I will live even longer in the company of my loved ones! J

And because you all deserve to have the exact same benefits, I’ve compiled a couple of my favorite health tips to share to all of you busy moms like myself

Don’t worry, I won’t be telling you to spend hours at the gym or piles of money on a diet program. It’s important for me that we don’t waste precious time that we should rather spend on more productive things, so these tips shouldn’t take you longer than it should nor would they bore you.

Enjoy reading them below!

  1. Shop for convenience foods

There are those moms who are capable of whipping up all these healthy meals and soups that take so much time to make; it’s almost crazy and unfair. How do they do it?! Well, we can do it too—and without sacrificing our other tasks just to free up some time.

Time is extra precious for us, so go ahead and look for food that can actually cut your prep and cooking time into half. Pick out precut vegetables, bagged salads, and even fresh pre-boiled eggs. Even if they end up costing a little extra, you deserve to cut yourself some slack and still have healthy meals at home.

  1. Make family nutrition a priority

While I did mention that you should start considering convenience the next time you hit the grocery, one thing you shouldn’t ever sacrifice is your family’s nutrition. In fact, consider it a smart investment starting now!

If making healthier meals means waking up a little earlier or exerting extra effort for meal preps, by all means, go ahead and do it! Consider providing proper nutrition for you and your family as one of your “new” jobs, so you can maybe sacrifice some of your work hours. If you can’t, perhaps you can spend the weekend for preparing your meals in advance.

Slow cooking prepped meals soon became my secret to both providing delicious and nutritious meals for the house and having extra time for the entire week. Once you make a habit out of it, it really becomes this natural, non-negotiable habit that benefits the entire family!

  1. Schedule your “me time”

You read that right—and don’t be guilty about it! How can I ever give you advice on how to take better care of yourself when I won’t be telling you to spend more time for yourself? This was probably the hardest task that I had to get myself to do. Perhaps the easiest way that I learned to “accept” my need for self-gratification was to slowly justify each activity.

Okay, we have to admit that dyeing our hair to a more fun color and having our nails done doesn’t actually make us healthier, but don’t cross those off your list yet! If that’s what will make you happier, DO IT. You know why? As I’ve mentioned earlier, a happy mom is a better mom.

Being healthy doesn’t just mean meeting your nutritional needs and weighing just right; it also means being emotionally and mentally happy.

So go ahead and figure out what you want to do for a couple of minutes to a few hours over the weekend. Leave the kids to your husband or a trusted caregiver and take some time off! You’ll feel better and more refreshed!

  1. Think of ways to exercise wherever you arebusy moms

I never saw myself as a fitness buff. (Probably) like you and many others out there, I hate doing crunches and sit-ups! However, we have to accept that our bodies do need exercise, more so as we mature. Is there a way around it? Kind of.

The secret to working out and actually liking it is to find ways that you can have fun with it. Many moms choose to exercise with their kids as a way to
motivate themselves, sometimes by using their children as makeshift weights or an added challenge.

Why don’t you dance with your preschooler right in front of your TV? Make use of your furniture and do chair squats. Play some music and do a couple of lunges while vacuuming! Sounds silly now, but it will make you feel pretty good and a lot happier about going about your chores this way!

  1. Make breakfast non-negotiable

We all know it’s the most important meal of the day, and yet we sometimes think we’re simply “too busy” to have breakfast. I know that meeting can’t wait or that you were probably up late last night so it’s hard for you to set your alarm clock a bit earlier.

But let me tell you this—Your children will only start giving importance to it when you do. If you ask me, I really wouldn’t want my kids going about their day without taking in some fuel for that much-needed energy!

Once you start getting used to whipping up and having breakfast, make it more exciting and fun for your family. Add some colors and variety, and include your kids in the preparation. It’s should serve as your morning pick-me-upper—even better than your morning coffee!

Whether you’re a single mom or a mom of more than four kids under 10 (like me!), remember that caring for yourself should just be as important as caring for your family. Think of it as an investment—you can’t expect your car to bring you places if you don’t make time to fine tune it once in a while!

When you’re happy, healthy and confident, you’re able to make huge differences in the world you live in. That’s what I’ve learned throughout my journey with parenthood and Kinder Keepsakes.

So go ahead and prioritize your own wellness while achieving your dreams!

Best of luck!