Hey There, Modern Mom!

Hey there!

How are you? I want you to know that I appreciate you for taking the time to read this blog post. I know it’s not easy, especially with all the things that you have on your plate!

As a “mompreneur,” I know exactly how hard it can be to do other things aside from taking care of your family. I believe that’s why I tend to have clients who are busy homemakers like me.

I know your struggles, your problems, and what motivates you. We can easily relate to each other on a somewhat personal level and I find that amazing! When I express my thoughts and ideas, you know where I’m coming from so it also becomes easier for you to trust me. (Thank you for that!)

I tell you, it’s funny how I get asked, “How do you do it?” when, really, it’s not without the help of other people. I would be lying if I said that it’s been all rainbows and butterflies! With four children and two businesses, beautiful chaos has become a part of my life.

What makes me get up every day and achieve my daily tasks is no secret. As moms, we have a natural knack for making the impossible possible! Don’t you agree? You have it in you, too!

We’re what I call “ Modern Moms ”—also known as this generation’s supermoms. If you need more convincing, read on below!

The modern mom is a go-getter.

New age women, in general, are more confident and driven when it comes to getting what they want. How about moms? Add her beloved family in the picture and there’s absolutely no stopping her!

I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that we will stop at nothing to provide whatever our family needs. In the same way, we wouldn’t be waiting on our partners just to get that dream job or that gorgeous food processor—we’d look for ways to achieve our goals! We’re not spoiled or greedy; we just know how much more rewarding it is to work hard for something that we want.

The modern mom is not afraid of taking control.

For generations, we’ve gotten used to the idea that only husbands can—and should—be the head of the household. Well, guess what? Most single moms nowadays are perfectly capable of running their homes and taking care of their families! And even if there is a daddy and husband in the picture, mothers no longer just sit around and wait to be asked or only do what they’re expected to.

Forget the “get to the kitchen!” internet memes, we would be career-driven or running our own businesses at home in order to help bring home the bacon. And, without being asked, we’d be more than willing to plan the entire town bake sale or our child’s 7th birthday party by ourselves—and we’d have a ball with it.

The amazing thing about moms taking control is that we can get the job done while keeping our family’s best interests in mind. At the same time, we maintain the homey, loving attitude that we’re best known for. Don’t you agree?

The modern mom is a smart multi-tasker.

I know a lot of grandparents who think that we keep “doing too much” and “won’t sit still.” It’s not a surprise, my own Nana was a happy, well-kept housewife! But in this age of advanced technology and “can’t get enough” social mentality, we really often do have a lot on our plates and many end up biting off more than they can chew.

What do we do? We don’t work less—we work smart. We prioritize more important tasks, we manage our time well (with e-planners, it’s practically a cinch), and we outsource!

Why do everything when we can ask for help and make use of all that saved time to do other more important things, like spend time with our family? After all, that’s at the very top of our to-do list.

The modern mom is curious and inspired.

A modern mom is a learning mom. We acknowledge the fact that we don’t know everything, but we have all of the resources to learn anything that interestsmodern mom aly us—quite literally at our fingertips!

The Google generation allows us to study online, earn a diploma with only a laptop, cook up a recipe from any part of the world, get in touch with all kinds of people, find answers to life’s most pressing questions, and God knows what more. It would be a shame for us not to utilize it for our own and our family’s benefit.

With such good resources partnered with an open mind, a lot of patience and a thirst for knowledge, we are perfectly capable of creating big things and following our dreams! I should know, because I’ve seen it happen to me. ☺


Whether or not you consider yourself to be the “modern mom” that I’ve described above, you ought to be very proud of yourself! I haven’t met you but I know that you take utmost care of your family and contribute to society in your own unique ways.

You have a heart of gold, one that grew even bigger the moment that you had your own children. With such humility and warmth, plus the determination and confidence to make a difference, we walk the Earth as these renewed beings that the world would be proud of.

And therefore, I say, be proud of yourself! I’m proud of you! Thank you for being you, and at the same time, for allowing me to become part of your successes in life. Together, we can further help each other be molded into a person who can make things happen for themselves while being the best mother we can possibly be for our families.

Drop me a line and let me know what else makes you a modern mom. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!