Big things come from small beginnings. And by small, I really meant myself!

Many years ago, I was born a premature baby at only 26 weeks old. I was small as a dollar bill and only weighed roughly a pound.

Fortunately, like most preemies and other NICU babies, I was able to live a very normal life. I eventually had a family of my own and one day, as my husband and I were graduating college, I thought of making a little graduation cap and gown for our 3-month-old daughter for her to celebrate with us.

I realized my passion for children only grew stronger … so I decided to use my newfound talent and venture into the baby boutique business. Thus, Kinder Keepsakes was born. From a humble little Etsy shop in 2009, I was able to turn it into something bigger and started catering to customers from outside the country.

I once again became one with NICU babies as I used Kinder Keepsakes as an avenue to create a charitable cause that helped them and their families celebrate their triumphs, made them happy and spread awareness about them the best we could.